For the Grit and the Glory

You Belong Here.

You’ve been called crazy… Inspiring…Obsessed…Heroic…

Some of your friends don’t understand you- like why you were up at 4am or why your hands are bleeding.

It doesn’t matter what sport you compete in or what you’re training for. A PR is a PR and you’re out to beat yours.

Your body is a machine, your tool, your art, your temple and you fine tune it, you optimize it, you nurture it.

Sometimes you feel alone- in your head, it’s you vs. you- improving yourself, being your own toughest coach, toughest critic.

But you’re not alone in this obsession. Together, we are even stronger. We can inspire one another, learn from one another, and push one another harder.

Here, we get you. We know why you train. Even if it can’t be explained, it’s the heart of the committed athlete.  Share your stories here.

We don’t think you’re crazy.

We know you’re just



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