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This veggie burger is so good, it can go bun-less

On the road from Caitlin:

While Lizzie and I were on our way to Vegas for the Rock & Roll half marathon, our flight took us on a layover to San Francisco. Travelling so much can really wreck havoc on your pre-race nutrition, or your diet in-general. Your options are generally limited to fast food (obviously usually laden with salt and fat), fancy dinners (usually with hidden salt and fat), or protein bars (not so satisfying for a meal). So when we happened upon a place at the San Francisco Airport called The Plant Cafe Organic…it looked like the sea parted in the airport to a beautiful mecca on the concourse.


We HUSTLED there, then LABORED over our decision on what to get- SO MANY UNEXPECTED, DELICIOUS options.  This would be our only meal of the day, so we wanted to make the right choice. We took so long…that we almost missed our connecting flight (but that is another (embarressing) story). But, we made the right choice. It is called The Plant Burger, and it was like nothing we had ever eaten before. Since that first bite, we have craved it for almost every meal.

As a disclaimer, I am a meat loving machine.  I don’t usually like veggie burgers because they are generally flavorless or dry or just in general, don’t have meat in them. But this burger is the absolute exception.  It has almost all of my favorite vegetables (beets, mushrooms, onions) then it has hearty, flavorful cashews and lentils- MMMM!!!  So, I had to find the recipe.

After much searching and review reading and now, testing, this blogger seems to have gotten the recipe right  (nice job, Jenna!).

I made it the other night with a few exceptions- I added garlic to the mushroom, onion time mixture (about 3 cloves), and I topped my burger with sauteed onions, swiss cheese and a homemade herbed mayo (mayo, thyme, garlic, lemon juice). It felt like I was back in the San Francisco Airport! Success!! This is also a great veggie burger to enjoy bun-less if you are paleo (it is so hearty!)

plant burger

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  1. I must admit my mouth starts running water when i look at this picture.

    March 30, 2013 at 9:59 pm

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